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∎ Read Gratis Huh? Mike Church Books

Huh? Mike Church Books

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It is not so much that Colin's adult education class is a riot – although lippy Jack and snide Nicola do their best to make it so, and even that nice, demure, octogenarian Miss Tedley has been known to lend a hand – it is more that Colin's own mind is a riot of conflicting thoughts around the luscious Amanda, life, school politics, literature and the rules of English usage, grammar and syntax. And Colin does have an unfortunate name and a tendency to land himself in more trouble than he is already in - or, at times, under - as the world comes crashing down on him. Will he ever prepare a class, get the better of arch-enemies Simon and Dolores, or seduce Amanda into paying any attention to him whatsoever?

Huh? Mike Church Books

I really did not like this book. I read about a quarter of it before I just stopped reading it. It sounds like it would be fun to read but I did not think it was. I just could not get interested in it.

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  • Paperback 354 pages
  • Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 24, 2012)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10 1478284498

Read  Huh? Mike Church Books

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Huh? Mike Church Books Reviews

The unique zany cover is enough to make you giggle before you even begin to read this clever, well written, extremely humorous book.

You can't help feeling a wee bit sorry for Colin Raphead, but you will not be able to stop laughting either - on every page.

In fact I giggled most of the way through it - which is really good for the supply of endorphins they say we all need in a world that churns out so much doom and gloom these days.

I love lists too, and I identified with Colin's obsession with grammar.

So if you want to top up the endorphins and forget the doom and gloom, do buy this book.

I loved it.
I'll keep it short.
This book is bonkers.
Imagine Monty Python meets Grange Hill meets Mind your language meets Carry on Teacher...
and you still won't be anywhere near how mad this book is.
Want a laugh?
Want jokes that make you say out loud, "Oh awful!"?
Want a hero that's as sad as his one liners but still gets the girl?
Want a cast that illustrate all that is bad within human nature, including the main character?
Buy this book.
You want something serious you're on the wrong page. -D
Go for it.
PS. Incidentally, this was the first book that I read. What a start, a real Baptism of fire, as they say...
I absolutely love this book. It looks at life in an upside-down way, through the eyes of a despairing teacher who seems to be the only person who knows what he is doing - although he openly admits he knows very little. Put-upon Colin Raphead has to put up with snide remarks and students who should know better - or at least know something! It might not suit everyone's sense of humour but it brought tears of laughter to my eyes. A great book to dip into when you need cheering up! Or at any other time, too.
Huh? is a satire in the modern sense of the word. Its settings and characters are more like those of Spitting Image than of anything else. Mike Church doesn't for a minute attempt to draw his characters as real, ordinary people. They are one and all (quite definitely including his hero Colin) larger than life and hilariously funny with it. This is a book which draws you in page by page. You may begin by expecting a realistic picture of a teacher's life. Forget it! This is nothing like the real thing - and yet, it shows us what the teacher's life is like in a way which no straightforward picture could ever do. The best image I can think of to describe this book is that it's a painting by Salvador Dali or even Andy Warhol as compared to a snapshot by your Dad. The insight is amazing. We come away from this book not only enormously entertained but also knowing what Colin's life is in a way that a simple realistic story could never have shown us. Thoroughly recommended!
Quirky, zany and relentlessly anarchic, Mike Church's 'Huh?' sucks you into its crazy world where mundane reality becomes frenetically surreal. Colin, the central character, is pedantic and obsessed with making lists yet our sympathies are progressively drawn to him as the writing deftly exposes the peculiar inner workings of his mind. Who couldn't fail to be moved by a character who puzzles over hyphens, gerunds and haiku?
Steeped in a unique brand of comedy, language is paramount throughout and Mike Church plays with words and ideas in a clever myriad of ways. This applies not least, of course, to the title of the book itself, the meaning of which is touchingly explained halfway through the story. A beautiful moment which can only be grasped through the actual reading of this topsy-turvy and exquisite novel. If it's laughter you're after then 'Huh?' provides all the vital ingredients!
Well after finishing Huh?, I feel like I've fallen down the rabbit hole, looked through the looking glass, crashed the Mad Hatter's tea party and come out smiling. Wow, what a ride it was. Non stop is the first word that comes to mind. Non-stop entertainment from woe to go, with a touch of Looniversal learning along the way.

I'm glad I just finished a couple of university units specialising in linguistics, so I could grapple with, and giggle at the grammar puns.

Colin Rapper (craphead, list maker, song enthusiast, number cruncher) is one helluva main character to get to know. His constant musings interspersed with his quick quips and snappy insane dialogue, have your head head spinning and body jiggling.

But I think the one thing that made this book for me, was the constant asides to the wonderful profession of teaching. As tongue in cheek as many of the jibes are, there are the moments of truth that I loved. Being in the earlier years of teaching myself, my absolute favourite, was Colin's reminiscing about his Primary School days, when he could read what he liked and write what he liked and was always praised by his teacher for his talents. The Shangri la of his education. If only all our students looked upon their early days thus. We teachers can dream... or dayreal... as I now look at it.

And I wondered as I read, how it would all end up, and I'm still not really sure, but I'm glad all the gang rallied and we got to see some closure to their stories. As for Colin, well it's anybody's guess. I hope myself he found the stairway ( next to the lamppost, lamp-post) to sainthood. Cause at the core he was in his own mind a hopeless, yet saintly figure and found his own way in the end, the Colin daylrealing way of course.

So, if you're after something different and quirky, this book will grab you and won't let go till you finish. It certainly is a completely original narrative to anything I've read before, and completely brilliant in its execution. Give it a whirl and immerse yourself in some dayrealing. I did and I'm glad for the experience. This is one I'll be thinking about for a while and probably coming back to, looking for those clever quotes to sum up some of the simpler and more annoying things in life.

One example to make you smile "Colin knew that for all his bravado he was quite incapable of harming a fly, the little bastards would never stay still long enough." ... LOL Priceless!!
I quit reading after the third chapter - just couldn't get into the story line - maybe it fits other people, but it just didn't click for me.
I really did not like this book. I read about a quarter of it before I just stopped reading it. It sounds like it would be fun to read but I did not think it was. I just could not get interested in it.
Ebook PDF  Huh? Mike Church Books

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